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The Numismatic Bibliomania Society (NBS) is an educational organization founded in 1979 to support and promote the use and collecting of numismatic literature. Numismatic literature includes books, periodicals, catalogs and other written or printed material relating to coins, medals, tokens, or paper money, ancient or modern, U.S. or worldwide.

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July 15, 2018

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  • NBS Events Planned For 2018 Philadelphia ANA - See Events at ANA
  • Numismatic Literary Guild 2017 Awards:

    • Best Issue, Small-Circulation Club Publications: The Asylum, Autumn 2016, “The Future of Numismatic Literature,” Maria Fanning, Editor
    • Best Column, Small-Circulation Club Publications: “Off the Shelf,” by David Fanning, The Asylum
    • PCGS Education Award: E-Sylum, Wayne Homren, Editor
    • The Asylum Author Index has been updated. It is available on the NNP or on The Asylum page.

    Martin Gengerke has made his book on ANA Auctions Open Source and available for download by NBS Member at no charge. The book can be found on the Resources Page. The book will also be placed on the NBS Wiki so that NBS members can add information to the book.

    Annual NBS Auction Catalog

    NBS Annual Auction Catalog

Asylum Vol 36 No. 1 Spring 2018

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    The Asylum v36 n2 Table of Contents
  • NBS News
  • NBS Constitution and By-Laws Proposed Changes and Ballot
  • The Asylum Awards Ballot
  • Message from the President
  • Donte to NBS Benefit Auction at ANA
  • A Handwritten Letter from Eric P. Newman Shared by George F. Kolbe
  • Funny Meeting You Here! By Bill Daehn
  • Taking the Plunge: or, Becoming a “Real” Bookseller By David F. Fanning
  • The Camden Bank Note Registers By David Gladfelter
  • An Adventure in Rhode Island By Dan Hamelberg
  • Chasing an Oasis of Numismatic Knowledge By Thomas D. Harrison
  • Imhoof-Blumer, Fontana, and Quadras y Ramón Kibitzing My Collection By Andrew McCabe
  • A Copy of Henfrey’s English Coins Bound with Wilkinson’s Ancient Egyptians By David Pickup
  • There Has To Be a Better Lazy Deuce? By John and Nancy Wilson
  • A Fortunate Scratch By Ray Williams
  • An exceedingly interesting copy of Brooke’s English Coins By Peter Gaspar
  • Tales of Numismatic Good Luck and Bad Luck By Jud Petrie



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Photo from the cover of Louis Helfenstein Collection of Large Cents (August 14, 1964). 
				Catalog courtesy of Dan Hamelberg.

Photo from the cover of Louis Helfenstein Collection of Large Cents (August 14, 1964). Catalog courtesy of Dan Hamelberg.